Seasonal Cuisine for Memorial Service

“Remembering precious times with precious people. "

Shonanuka(seventh day after death),
Shijyukunichi(forty-ninth day after a person's death),
Hatsubon (First Bon), an first anniversary of death,
a 2nd, 6th and 12th anniversary of death.
Throughout these memorial services,
please let us help you build
a deeper bond for your family.
We will take customer's thoughts firmly,
and provide memorable taste.

Please make a reservation for a group of min. 8 people to Max. 18 people, at least 2 weeks before the party.

(as an example)

Seasonal Box for Memorial Service
3,500 yen per person (tax not included)

(as an example)

Seasonal for Meeting of Memorial Service
5,000 yen per person (tax not included)

※The dishes variation depends on seasons and what we lay in that day. We can adjust the menu so that it stays within your budget. Please feel free to ask us. Please make a reservation as soon as you decide the date. All seats are chairs. We do not have delivery service.