Seasonal Cuisine for Meeting

We offer you the most delicious part of the seasonal foods.

For spring, Firefly squid, Shrimp and Bamboo shoots etc.
For summer, Tofu Skin, Sweet fish and Eel etc.
For autumn, Saury, Ginkgo etc.
For winter, Pacific cod, Monkfish and Seriola etc.

We would like you to: feel the breath of life,
get energetic vitality,
enjoy yourself in warm mood,
and feel the change of the seasons with our dishes.

While thinking such,
we always face cooking in sincerity.

A dish for Spring cuisine for meeting(As an example)
Seasonal Cuisine for Meeting (Appetizer, Sashimi, grilled dish, boiled dish, fried dish, rice or noodle, fruits) ※An example of the meal 5,000yen per person (tax not included)
6,000yen per person (tax not included)
7,000yen per person (tax not included)
※The foods differ from the courses.
If you have inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

A dish for Autumn cuisine for meeting(As an example)

Please make a reservation for a group of min. 8 people to Max. 18 people, at least 1 weeks before the party.
Seasonal Tempura and other dishes are ready.