Our Selected Miso and Beef

We blend several kinds of Miso each time so that it matches with food.
For meat, we use Red Miso to emphasize the taste of meat itself.
For fish, we use White Miso to make it refreshing taste.
We have been receiving good reviews for Eggplant (Black Beauty),dishes
cooked with oil and mackerel cooked by Miso.For those dishes we blend
Sakura Miso, which is red and sweet, with several kinds of Miso.
You can enjoy our cuisine.

Toyonishi beef is a beef grown well in a vast agricultural kingdom of
Hokkaido Tokachi,"Toyonishi Farm."
Toyonishi beef is low in fat and healthy,
and you can fully feel the sweetness
of the fat with your tongue.
Although the beef has thick flavor,
it has freshness of aftertaste.
It also marries with
our proud Warishita stock.
After we receive your order,
we start slicing block meat and serve you.
We try to keep the flavor of beef as much as possible,
"until you taste our delicious and fresh meat."
That's our particular preferences.

▶︎ Beef hot pot Set with Appet-
izer,Rice porridge at the end
We are able to prepare the meal for
1 person on the day.

▶︎Course of beef hot bot for BanquetIf you are more than 3 people, please make a reservation
at least 3 days before.

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